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Heather Foster of Sardis, Tennessee


The psychology of the Southern mind incorporates both realism and surrealism. While the subjects and characters within poetry are often depicted with stark realism, the settings and surroundings often draw from surrealistic imagery, offering psychological insight into themes through a character’s surroundings. While surrealist poets seem fewer and farther between today, we still find the remnants of its manifestations in the merging of genres. Surrealistic elements are what I found in Heather Foster’s poetry this week. Read more…


Kelly Whiddon of Macon, Georgia

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Southerners thrive on stories and hold fast to their myths. Many of these myths stem from folk and fairy tales, and women are a significant part of the mythic South. One such example is the “Southern belle,” an extension of the damsel in a fairy tale castle. The mythic “Southern belle” may have persisted for the survival of social and economical elites and the fabled aristocracy of the South. Sayings like “the Southern way of life” still stand tall, but what does this mean for Southern poetry? This week I’m featuring Kelly Whiddon’s poetry, which often employs the mythic traditions of the fairy tale as viewed through Southern life. Read more…

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